We provide actuarial services to all property-casualty insurance and related businesses. Please click on the headings below to obtain more information about each practice area.

Appointed Actuary
  • Expression of opinion of policy liabilities
  • Expected Future Financial Condition
  • Dynamic Capital Adequacy Test (DCAT)
  • Internal MCT or BAAT Target
  • Standardized Stress Testing (SST)
Audit Support
  • Actuarial specialist role
  • Assessment of surplus
  • Distribution of surplus
  • Report to policyholders
Enterprise Risk Management
  • Economic capital modelling
  • Development of risk appetite, risk capacity and risk profile
  • Reinsurance analysis and alternate risk transfer strategy
  • Integrated risk analysis
  • Optimization of capital allocation
  • Preparation and maintenance of a risk registry
Expert Witness
  • Court appearance in litigation
  • Arbitration and public hearing
External Peer Review
  • Review of other actuary's work
Financial Planning
  • New company formation
  • Insurance company license application
  • Business plan and financial projections
  • Capital requirement
Funding and Risk Retention
  • Self-insurance and self-retention analysis for associations, captive insurers and manufacturers
  • Premium requirement for reciprocals, self-insurers and captives
  • Net retention or risk transfer analysis
  • Risk and reward analysis
  • Rate stabilization reserve
Independent Actuary
  • Role required by OSFI Guideline E14
Investment Strategy
  • Optimal asset allocation
  • Asset liability management within enterprise's risk appetite
Liability Analysis
  • Claim reserve analysis
  • Warranty cash flow projection
  • Claim reserve variability
Mergers & Acquisitions, Amalgamations
  • Value assessment of an active company or a block of business
  • Due diligence
  • Matching partners
  • Policy liability assessment
  • Report to insurance regulator
Own Risk and Solvency Assessment
  • Developing an internal documented process
  • Integrating ORSA into an ERM framework
  • Independent assessment of a client’s current ORSA
  • Evaluating long-term capital efficiency
Product Pricing
  • Rate adequacy study
  • Rating factor and algorithm
  • Target return on equity (economic capital)
  • Fair related party pricing
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