About Us

JSCP is an independent consultancy:  we do not accept commissions or sell insurance; we consult. We have chosen this consultancy-only structure for our organization to ensure the objectivity and independence of our analysis.

Our firm is ideally sized.  We are large and seasoned enough to handle the most complex of assignments and meet the most demanding deadlines; we are small enough that we treat each and every client as if they were our first and only.

Although we are experts with numbers, we consider ourselves first and foremost people-oriented. We handpick our team members, invest heavily in their continuing development and treat them with the utmost respect to build long-term trusting relationships. Our relationship with our clients is much the same. We build long-term relationships based on mutual trust, mutual respect and we will move heaven and earth to meet our clients' requests. We consider the trust we build with clients, our word, to be an irreplaceable asset. If we say we will meet your deadline, you can bank on it.

For more than two decades JSCP has built a high performance property-casualty consultancy that stands apart from the rest of the industry. Our emphasis on independent and objective analysis, our focus on our clients and our team as people, our optimal size and our commitment to professional standards all make us the perfect choice for your property-casualty actuarial needs.

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